"Drip" Education

We’ve spent the last decade studying the best ways to learn.
Our IgniteGym project uses exercise to optimize learning with exercise. We know that lessons are BEST retained when they’re learned one at a time; placed into the correct context; tested against previous knowledge; and then taught to others.
how we learn
This is why we built our Up-Coach Program to provide regular education for fitness coaches. Traditional fitness education occurs in one of three ways:
GOOD: Weekend seminar. Tons of great information in an engaging environment with peer feedback. High excitement, low retention. Coaches usually take away 1-2 great tips for application.
BETTER: Online course with materials. Lots of great information that can be broken down into digestible chunks. Lessons can be repeated anytime. Medium excitement (if the course is done well,) high retention. Coaches can learn a lot IF they repeat the lessons.
BEST: Online coursework learned in a peer group. Assignments for application and “reteaching.” Concepts that build on one another. Lessons that are repeatable anytime, and quizzes to gauge comprehension.
Of course, the Up-Coach program delivers on “BETTER” and “BEST” only. Live seminars are necessary and fun, but long-term learning is optimized when lessons can be accessed on demand; reinforced in a group of peers; and anchored through coaching assignments.


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