Do You?

Do you have any idea how special you are?
Over the last 72 hours, half a million people did the same crazy workout and then shared their score in public. Most of those people didn’t win first place. Most of them didn’t even want to compete.
They didn’t do it because Dave Castro made a workout so compelling that it made everyone jump off their couches and start exercising. They didn’t do it because Greg Glassman’s 2002 Journal articles made them want to exercise until their hands ripped or they felt like vomiting. And they sure didn’t do it because they read this blog and wanted to make up an Intramural team of their own.
They did it because you quit your job, took the second-largest loan of your life, or spent all your savings on a cold cinderblock space and some barbells that almost nobody really wants to use.
They did it because they see you at 5am, and they know you’re still there at 9pm when they’re at home watching Shark Tank.
They did it because you’ve put everything on the line for them, and they’re willing to cross this one little line for you. For YOU, coach.
They did it because they trust you to say “good job”, and for dozens of others to follow in your exact example.
They did it because you told them they COULD, and you’re probably the only person in their life who says that.
They did it because Betty-Lou from the noon group said, “Will you play for my team?” and nobody’s ever done that, even in third grade. They got picked, coach. They got chosen. Because of you.
They’re not posting their pictures on Instagram because they’re hoping to win a new pair of Reeboks. You made them a celebrity. You made them a first-round draft pick. You made them famous, wanted, cheered. You did.
The things their parents wanted to give them–security, health, and friendships–you gave them those things. Their husbands wanted to put them on a pedestal–and you gave them a podium. You gave them the respect of their children and the love of their spouse. You.
On some days, when the risk seems heavy; when the debt seems long; when the stress makes even the barbell too heavy; when it feels as if your vow of service was really a vow of poverty, I beg you to remember this:
You gave up a “job” to start a business helping people.
You spent tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantee of return, let alone reward.
You give your clients a longer, healthier life. No one else can.
On any given hour of any given day, you can change a person’s life forever.
And you do.
Thank you, Coach.


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