Do You Know TOO Much?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told, “I have self-diagnosed ADD”.
I say it myself. But it’s not true.
The problem isn’t a lack of focus. It’s not a condition or affliction. We simply have TOO MANY ideas.
Thinking of ways to solve problems is not the same as solving problems.
What’s the difference? Action. You probably knew that already. So why aren’t you taking action?
It’s simple: you’re paralyzed.
You’re analyzing options. You’re seeking input, data, and opinion from other gym owners. Maybe you’re even writing a “pros vs cons” list. And NONE of it matters with ACTION.
In Jay Williams’ closing address at the 2017 TwoBrain Summit, he walked the 180+ attendees through an exercise on action. Then we committed everyone to their action, and checked in with them all within days.
Most seminars, online courses and lectures focus on knowledge; we focus on action.
I used to travel around giving 4 seminars every year. For awhile, I sold courses online. But I stopped doing BOTH of these things when I realized this:
Lack of knowledge isn’t the problem. Not anymore.
Lack of action is the problem.
Founding Two-Brain Business in 2016 allowed me to start from a blank slate, with years of mentoring gym owners under my belt. It gave me the chance to rebuild a program from scratch, instead of being married to old ideas like selling courses. So what did I build into the Incubator?

  • Accountability.
  • A one-on-one relationship with a real mentor, who is really successful in the gym industry.
  • A mentoring platform that carries hundreds of NEW videos with updated ideas…and templates to make sure you can use them.
  • An aggressive call schedule (the Incubator is a LOT of work. If you’re not given a deadline, you’ll stop doing the work.)
  • Support. First from a mentor, then from an incredibly supportive group.
  • Access. Our clients can message us through our private platform and get a response–not a “help desk”.
  • Clarity. Our clients ALWAYS know the next step, and what they’re supposed to do every day.

Why did I see the value? Data. Experience. And my own personal flaws.
I know I love to have ideas. I love to chat, gossip and vent on Facebook. Sometimes I procrastinate – okay, I procrastinate a LOT. So I hire mentors to hold me accountable, untangle the web of possibilities and tell me where to plant my foot.
I hope you have a mentor in your life. If you don’t, you can find one here.


One more thing!

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