Daily Directive: Sept. 7

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Daily Update

It’s time to evolve.

I remember attending a business seminar in 2016, where the speaker told an audience member she needed 342 clients to reach profitability.

“That’s insane,” I thought. But that was the prevailing thought from 2010-2020—that you built a successful microgym by running group classes with 30 people in them.

The COVID Crisis forced owners to evaluate what they really needed to succeed. It sped up our natural evolution by years. This is our best chance to ask, “What do we really need to be successful?”

This week, I’m going to tell you how to do that.

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Daily Lesson

Every year, gym owners should audit every aspect of their businesses. But more than ever before, you have the opportunity for a hard reset and an upgrade in value. Now you can make the changes that will transform your business into a profitable, sustainable platform.

Call my team to talk about how we can guide you to that goal.

Daily Directive

We’ll start your business audit by checking your facilities and equipment.

Perform a business walkaround. Start in the parking lot.

Walk through your front door as a new client would. Do you need light bulbs anywhere? Paint? Does the door squeak? Is the front desk messy?

Next, walk through your gym. Check every piece of equipment. Make a list of things to repair or fix.

Then check your bathrooms. Are they clean? Are you well stocked in toilet paper and hand sanitizer?

Tomorrow, you’ll fix or delegate these things. But they’re the first step to rebuilding your business. Don’t lose expensive clients because they can’t wipe their butts.

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One more thing!

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