Daily Directive: Sept. 4

A clipboard with the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "daily directive."

Daily Update

This week, I told you that your business has two sides: operations and audience.

Coaches don’t really have to worry about this stuff—but gym owners do. Coaches should focus on doing whatever it takes to get their clients results. That’s their role.

Your role is to build the business. My role is to help you do that as quickly as possible, with as little stress as possible, without wasting money or time.

Daily Lesson

Your value is determined by the quality of your business and the size of your audience.

Each depends on the other. Each improves the other. And each can limit the other.

But the foundation of each is your connection to other people.

The #UNBREAKABLE55 challenge is built to help you do the small but actionable things that matter every single day. And the hardest part of all of this is making the connections.

Daily Directive

Take the #UNBREAKABLE55 challenge!

Read about it here. Then join the Gym Owners United Facebook group, post “I’m In!” and get to work.

Each weekday, you will:

  1. Review one client’s goals with them.
  2. Publish one piece of content online.
  3. Give praise to one staff member.
  4. Talk about your business to one new person.
  5. Write down one of your processes and make one tiny improvement to it.

One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.