Daily Directive: Oct. 27

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Daily Update

Here’s how our information cycle works at Two-Brain Business:

  • Look at the data from the Two-Brain Dashboard.
  • Find the best gyms in the world as indicated by one particular metric.
  • Ask, “How are you doing that so well?”
  • Add their lessons to our curriculum.
  • Mentor you to implementation.

Daily Lesson

Today: my Top 10 Lessons from 2020.

Daily Directive

People don’t know where you’re going unless you tell them. If you tell them, they’ll follow you.

Communication is everything. 2020 was filled with examples of people communicating badly. The gym owners who did best in 2020 were in constant communication with their staff members and clients. They had clear visions, constantly kept people aligned with their visions and told stories to make everything stick.

Today, send one message to your staff and another to your clients. As the COVID Crisis continues, tell them what you’re doing and how it relates to your vision for your business.


One more thing!

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