Daily Directive: Oct. 26

Daily Brief - Version with Two-Brain head

Daily Update

Around the world, gyms are being closed in a “second shutdown.”

Yesterday, it was Italy.

And while some governments are promising a short-term closure this time, most have vague schedules.

I believe in the adage “never waste a crisis.” In 2020, I leaned on my mentors more than ever before. I leaned on data. I asked myself, “Who has already solved the problems we’re facing as gym owners?” and then, “Who is the best in the world at solving this particular problem?”

I read more books, watched more videos, took more courses, attended more seminars and learned more than ever before. But I also found myself returning to the fundamentals—the tried-and-true, proven strategies that have stood the test of time. I looked for bedrock truths.

This week, I’m going to share all of it: my top lessons of 2020.

Daily Lesson

Before you do anything else: Read our Second Shutdown guide to benefit from the experiences (good and bad) of thousands of gyms around the world.

Then, read one example of a hard lesson that cost a lot of gyms a lot of money: “Is It Over Yet?”

Daily Directive

It’s tempting to post rants on Facebook or attack your government on Twitter (believe me, I have a rolling “24-hour cooling-off period”). But those things won’t help your business.

Take the same amount of time to do two things that will:

1. Call your local government representatives and tell them your gym is clean and safe. You might get voicemail; leave a message.

2. Tell your clients how clean you are. Do this every day. They can’t hear it often enough. Here’s a great example from the GM of my gym, Catalyst:

Good morning Catalyst,

Many of you may have heard that a gym in town (Fit4less) had an employee test positive for COVID. Most of us are aware that regardless of where we work or where we go, the possibility of exposure is present. Emotions are running hot in this social media “COVID climate,” and this person is human—and not a bad person!

However, since the beginning of COVID, gyms—along with other high-traffic businesses deemed not essential—have been on the government’s list of first businesses to shut down due to the numbers of people that travel in and out of these establishments.

We’re quite different than the standard gym.

Catalyst Fitness is a coaching business. We require appointments to attend group fitness, personal training, goal reviews and nutrition check-ins. We track every person that is in and out of our facility.

Above all, we do a self-assessment before we enter the building. I’ve attached that below for all of us to review. If you have any COVID symptoms, you must not attend your appointment for whatever service you were booked for. This is the biggest way to stop the spread.

Most of all, we are doing this because we care. You are our Catalyst Family, and this family takes care of each other!

All the best,

Jamie and Miranda

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