Daily Directive: Oct. 22

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Daily Update

Find the best, teach the rest.

That’s how Two-Brain gyms are growing faster and faster while many gyms (almost all the big chains) are shrinking.

When you’re trying to overcome any problem, you must ask yourself this: “Who has already beaten this level?” Then pay that person to show you the way.

James Mawson is in Victoria, Australia. They’re still not back at full operating capacity, and their “third shutdown” became official on Saturday night.

But James has reason to be optimistic. His gym grew during the second shutdown. And he knows how to do it again.

Daily Lesson

On today’s episode of Two-Brain Radio, James shares how he broke the big “shutdown” problem into smaller, manageable chunks. He followed the advice of his Two-Brain mentor with one small tweak (he lent out his equipment for free), kept his full-time staff employed and retained nearly all his clients.

James will share specific directives with you, but maybe his mindset advice is the most profound: You have to believe that you’re going to succeed.

As he texted me last night: “The strong and those who are well prepared & willing to pivot, adjust & adapt will not only survive but thrive.”

Then he said, “I luv a good challenge.”

Listen: “Growth in Lockdown”

Daily Directive

This week, I’ve been telling you how to “eat an elephant”: to overcome massive challenges and adapt to changes by breaking everything down and “eating one bite at a time.” But underlying those steps is one important foundation: the belief that you will eventually eat the whole thing.

Do you have it?

Are you confident that you’ll survive? Do you believe—really believe—that you’ll come out of this stronger than ever before?

If you do, congrats to you. We’ll see you on the other side.

If you’re not confident, you need a plan. Call a mentor.


One more thing!

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