Daily Directive: Oct. 21

Daily Brief - Version with Two-Brain head

Daily Update

To “eat the whole elephant,” you’re going to need help.

That means hiring people and putting them in the right roles.

Consider yourself one of those hires.

No matter the size of your business, you are its CEO. When I’m having trouble making a decision, I ask myself, “WWCEOD?”—what would a CEO do? That helps me get a bit more objectivity. If I’m still unsure, I call my mentor.

Daily Lesson

You shouldn’t be the expert on everything in your business.

As my grandfather once told me, “Don’t get too good at the wrong thing.” He didn’t want me to spend my life baling hay and mucking out stables (I’m really bad at mucking out the stables).

Instead, you need to identify your “unique genius” and then surround yourself with a team of geniuses who are great at the other parts of your business.

Here’s how to do it: “Eating the Elephant: Your Unique Genius.”

Daily Directive

If you could do one business-related task all day, what would that be?

Now, how does that one task grow your business?

The next step is to replace yourself on the other levels. Start with this question:

If you could avoid one of those levels forever, which level would that be?

What would it cost to replace you in that task?

Instead of wasting time on stuff you hate doing, what if you did the stuff you’re best at? How much more would your business earn? How much happier would you be?


One more thing!

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