Daily Directive: Oct. 16

A clipboard with the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "daily directive."

Daily Update

When you work backward from your dreams, you identify the steps you need to take to make them reality.

You might also realize that you need help with those steps.

Mentors help you identify the steps and hold you accountable for taking them.

Staff help you by doing the tasks that make up each step.

Systems make sure your staff keep you moving forward.

Daily Lesson

Why does your 6-a.m. coach start at 6:03 but your 8-a.m. coach start at 7:59? And why is that important?

Because consistency and predictability are the keys to keeping people longer.

I once visited a new gym where the owner confused “delivering value” with “delivering more.” The 6-p.m. class finished late, so the 7-p.m. class started late. At 8:20, the 7-p.m. class was just starting the workout. The coach was excited about giving the class so much extra value—but people started to leave early.

“I have to go pick up my daughter,” said the guy next to me. “I think I’ll just join the Y. I don’t have time for CrossFit.”

The reason your clients show up late? Because they can.

The reason your coaches don’t mop at 9 p.m.? Because no one has told them to.

The reason people leave their crap behind/don’t flush the toilet/don’t know your prices/ask for discounts/don’t sign in/don’t cancel a reservation?

Systems. Systems solve problems. You need them. You’ll never make it to the lake house if you have to stick around and fight fires all day.

Listen to Two-Brain Radio: “Systems Aren’t Sexy—But You Absolutely Need Them to Succeed.”

Daily Directive

Get things out of your head. Start by writing down “how to open the gym.” Tell people, step by step, how to get your gym ready to greet your first clients. Start in the parking lot.

Every step you write down is another problem solved forever.


One more thing!

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