Daily Directive: June 23

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Daily Update

Many gym owners have been diagnosed with covid-19 in the last week.

If you or a coach contracts covid, you’re going to have to rely heavily on your communication skills. And it still might be costly.

Here’s what to do: “Coronavirus: What to Do if You Get It.”

Daily Lesson

If the Covid Crisis has taught us anything, it’s that your business is only as strong as the systems that run it. That means you must be absolutely replaceable: If you’re hit by a bus (or test positive for covid,) you must have a plan to keep your gym running. And your clients shouldn’t even notice you’re gone.

Here’s what I mean by “business systems”: “How to ‘Survive a Bus Crash.’”

Daily Directive

Now is the time to build your backup. Contact five local gym owners. Ask if they have plans, and ask if they’d be open to sharing staff if necessary. When one owner accepts the invitation to back each other up, share your staff playbook.

Yes, it’s a huge move. You’re basically telling the other exactly how you run your business. But this is the best way to ensure your clients will receive the same excellent care when you’re not there.

If you have enough coaches to cover an outbreak, that’s fantastic. Use this opportunity to review your playbook with them today.

Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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