Daily Directive: July 7

A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

Daily Update

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard from an athlete:

“I take the exercise I hate the most and I do it until it’s my favorite.”

An 8-year-old named Nick told me that way back in 2006, and I’ve never forgotten it.

Some gyms are being forced to close their physical locations and move back online. In many American states, in parts of Australia and in some European countries, covid-19 has forced fitness coaches to move back online.

Luckily, we learned a lot last time, and we updated our recommendations and curriculum with proven strategies to get gym owners through.

Daily Lesson

Download our guide “How to Add Online Training In 24 Hours” here.

These strategies are proven by experience and backed up with data: The gym owners who retained their clients best in the first covid shutdown followed them to the letter.

Tip: Running Zoom classes won’t cut it. This time, you can do better.

Daily Directive

Here are the steps to be successful at coaching online.

Repeat them over and over; none are one and done.

Two-Brain clients get step-by-step instructions, videos, templates, social media posts, emails—everything they need—on our Growth ToolKit.

1. Determine what you’re selling (customized coaching delivered every day to each member).

2. Pivot at least 80 percent of your clients online.

3. Recruit organic audiences to your online service (former clients and personal connections).

4. Run a 21-day challenge campaign with Facebook ads; convert participants to long-term memberships after the challenge.

5. Mentor your staff in retention.

6. Kick off a stay-at-home challenge lasting two to three weeks.

7. Provide a social outlet for people daily (it doesn’t have to be a Zoom class but it can be).

8. Communicate every single day. Follow the CALM model.

9. Coach more than just exercise: Help clients sleep, eat, move and manage. Here’s how to do it: Two-Brain Coaching.

The top online coaches have one thing in common: They talk to every client individually on every training day.

You might not like coaching online. That’s OK. But if it’s your only option, become the best.

Do it until it’s your favorite.


One more thing!

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