Daily Directive: July 22

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Daily Update

The microgym community is connected through crisis—and opportunity.

While the covid pandemic closed many of the “big box” gyms—some permanently—many microgyms survived. Some are already stronger.

Of course, some failed. But they had the same opportunity as the rest. So why didn’t they make the pivot online? Why aren’t all microgyms thriving right now?

Daily Lesson

My mission is to make 1 million entrepreneurs wealthy. We’re starting with gym owners because—well, that’s obvious. They’re hardworking and generous and trying to solve huge cultural problems.

We can unite microgyms and coaches, but we need these things:

  • Data
  • Conversations
  • Representation
  • Transparent leadership

Read what we’re doing about each one here: “Victory by Association.”

To join the conversation and strengthen our ecosystem, consider participating in one of our Regional Summit events in September.

Daily Directive

If you haven’t joined our free public Facebook group for gym owners, you can do so here: Gym Owners United.

Then: Invite local gym owners for coffee.

I’m hosting a free webinar on Friday at noon Eastern: “How to ReOpen Your Gym The RIGHT Way.”

Use the experience, data and leverage from hundreds of gyms to reopen yours!

Click here to register.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.