Daily Directive: July 2

A clipboard with the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "daily directive."

Daily Update

The path to success is littered with great ideas that failed because they were poorly marketed. Too often, our ideas fail because we haven’t told the right story in the right way.

  • Your idea deserves better.
  • You don’t have to get caught up in the war for attention.
  • But here’s the thing: You can’t change minds without winning hearts.
  • You can learn to tell better (true) stories—the kind that change how people feel, and, in turn, what they do.

Daily Lesson                                                            

In this episode of Two-Brain Radio, I’m going to tell you how to tell better stories: Click here.

I have a workbook for you to download in the show notes. You can follow along there, and of course Two-Brain clients get all these step-by-step instructions, templates and even white-labeled blog posts to copy and use on our Growth ToolKit.

Daily Directive

Download the Storytelling Workbook (click here).

Flip to the last page, where you’ll find a checklist.

Choose two questions your audience is asking and answer them.

Publish the answers on your website.

Link to the blog post on social media (your amplifiers).

I can’t say it often enough: Your No. 1 goal on social media is to get people off social media.


One more thing!

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