Daily Directive: Aug 7

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Daily Update

It’s not just your business: Everyone’s “normal” is anything but.

When my kids’ hockey seasons were cancelled, I gave them a choice: Sign up for the Teen programs at Catalyst or ride bikes on Zwift and lift weights with dad.

Both chose Catalyst. Weird.

As more countries and states cancel recreational activities for adults and kids, gyms are stepping up to fill the gap.

Kids classes, teen “leagues” and summer camps are all missing from the family routine—and they’re not eating up space in the family budget right now. You have an opportunity to fill a gap and grow your business. This is the best time to keep kids off screens and give them the tools to shape their fitness for life.

Daily Lesson

How to start a kids program from scratch: Click here.

How to coach youth athletes on their fields of play: Click here.

Samples of how we market to families, our progression system for kids and teens at Catalyst, our testing and report-card samples, a downloadable logbook for teens, and our Ignite program for cognitive development are all here. Take ‘em!

Daily Directive

If you don’t have a kids and teens program in your gym, ask your top clients, “What do your kids need right now?”

If you already have one, ask the kids and teens in the program, “How are your friends doing? Do you have anyone you’d like to bring to class on Saturday?” Then set up a bring-a-buddy day.

If you have kids who play on sports teams, ask them, “Who’s your coach?” Then call the coach and ask for permission to invite their squad in for a team-building session (we call this “dryland training” in Canada, and it’s especially effective right now because our hockey rinks are closed).

Opportunity abounds. Kids and teens are waiting to play. Parents are waiting for a solution. Help them.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.