Daily Directive: Aug. 6

A clipboard with the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "daily directive."

Gym owners need to come together.

After months in captivity, we all need to sit together, squat together and grow together.

So we’ve set up 30 Regional Meetup events in September around the world.

Instead of a big mass Summit in Chicago this year, we’ll stream our annual event to individuals and to small groups around the world. The meetups will follow all local guidelines for social distancing, and they’ll allow you to break bread with people from your neighborhood, learn with some of the largest names in business, and spend a full weekend growing as an entrepreneur (and as a person).

Face to face, we’ll move the mission forward. I’d like you to be a part of it.

Here’s why I chose Seth Godin, Risha Grant, Chris Voss, Cameron Herold and Jennifer Broxterman to speak at the Summit: Two-Brain Radio.

And here’s more info on how to register: Two-Brain Summit.

Daily Lesson

This is the time to bring your team together. Some gym owners are actually setting up their own “team regional” to participate in our Summit with staff members (you only need one e-ticket to do so). They’re taking their team away to the shore or just to the coffee shop to plan for 2021. Some are even going surfing between sessions!

Talk to your team about your vision for next year. More importantly, listen to theirs. You’ve been through business trauma and personal hardship together. You might be smaller, but you’ll be tighter, and this is the time to lead them forward.

Daily Directive

Set up one session for your team to celebrate your survival and plan the next year. Go away from the gym for a day. Review the mission of the gym, the plan to get there and everyone’s role in that plan. Show them how they can grow on your platform and build their own dream life.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.