Daily Directive: Aug. 5

A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

“This exercise literally 10X’d my income. It 10X’d my net profit well into the seven figures—that’s my net taxable income today. I’m not saying that to sound cool. I’m saying it because this process unlocked all of it.” —Trevor Mauch of

If you want to grow your business, you have to make time to do so. You can’t just add “sales” or “content creation” or “marketing” to your day because your day is already full.

This week, I’ve given you the steps to delegation with no risk and minimal cost.

First, you calculated your effective hourly rate. Then you started moving tasks off your plate that were lower than your EHR.

Now you’re going to move the stuff you hate doing.

Daily Lesson

You’re better at things that make you happy.

“When you’re doing work that zaps your energy, and also when you’re doing work in a business that has a boom and bust business model, you could be making great money, but during the year you’re stressed out. You lose your flexibility. You might have the finances, but you don’t have the mental capacity or time to make the impact you want to make.” —Trevor Mauch

First, take a blank sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line down the middle.

At the top, in the left column, write, “Gives Energy.” In the right column, write, “Drains Energy.”

Now take your list of roles from yesterday’s exercise. Copy the roles that supply energy into the Gives list. If they don’t actively fire you up, copy them to the Drains list.

Complete the rest of the exercise with the instructions here: “Love It or Lose It.”

Daily Directive

As you approach the hiring of managerial or specialty staff, first eliminate the roles with an EHR of less than $50. Then replace yourself according to the Drains list, retaining only the roles and tasks that fall on the Gives list. 


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