Daily Directive: Aug. 3

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How do you earn more money without spending more time?

The goal of entrepreneurship is one thing: to build a lifestyle that doesn’t depend on punching a clock. But achieving that lifestyle doesn’t happen by accident; you need a plan.

This week, I’m going to give you that plan. We’re going to start by measuring your effective hourly rate (EHR).

Daily Lesson

Divide your total take-home pay by the number of hours you worked last week. Cover one eye and squint if you have to.

For example, if you made $700 last week net and you worked 54 hours:

$700 / 54 hours = $12.96 per hour

That’s your EHR. But don’t worry about where it is now; worry about where it’s going.

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Daily Directive

Take a moment to calculate your EHR. Do it now.

The answer might be scary—it might even be tempting to go find a minimum-wage job instead of plugging away at your business—but we need to know this number so we can build on it.

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