Daily Directive: Aug. 17

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Daily Update

If your clients show up more, they’ll stick around longer.

If they stick around longer, they’ll get better results.

If they get better results, they’ll show up more.

This week, I’m going to talk about motivating people: your clients, your staff and yourself.

When it comes to fitness, it’s more important to keep a client engaged long term than it is to have them win the CrossFit Games, drop weight quickly or even have perfect movement.

“See you tomorrow!” is the key to good health and good business.

Understanding human behavior lets you change human behavior. Changing human behavior gets long-term results. Getting your clients results keeps you in business.

The longer you stay in business, the more you’ll understand human behavior.

Daily Lesson

Newspaper, bikini girl, gorilla—how an old joke holds the keys to motivating your clients: Click here.

This is the first in my series on how to motivate people.

Daily Directive

Find five client “wins” today.

Publish each one on your website. Link through your social amplifiers.

If you need a tip, read “How to Help Your Clients Win.”

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One more thing!

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