Daily Directive: Aug. 12

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Daily Update

Some industry associations are finally stepping up to represent gyms and health clubs. IHRSA is the largest.

Two-Brain Business is associated with IHRSA to keep microgym owners at the forefront of these battles.

Recently, IHRSA sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York. You can read it here. IHRSA took issue with Cuomo’s statement “we know gyms are highly problematic” and his labelling of them as “nationally identified sources of increased infections.”

This is important because Cuomo was sworn in as the chair of the National Governors Association last week. Read more: Nydailynews.com.

IHRSA also provided three PR messages for you to share with your audience in a recent statement: “Fitness Industry PR Update: Clubs are Hurting, Safe and Vital.”

Daily Lesson

Your audience doesn’t care what the politicians say about safety in gyms. They care about what you say.

But if you say nothing, or if you don’t say much, they’ll have to believe what others tell them. And do you really trust others to care as much about your clients and community as you do?

This week, I’ve been asking you to publish your conversation with your audience. Today, I want you to write a love letter.

Read more on love letters: “Newsletters Are Dead (Here’s the Replacement).”

Daily Directive

Send everyone on a list an email today.

Tell them what you’re doing to keep your gym safe and clean.

Even if you think they know (they don’t).

Even if you think they’ve heard it before (they need to hear it again).

Even if you think it’s obvious (it’s not).

Show them pictures, send them your process, share pics of “cleaning hands” instead of “bleeding hands” on your social profile.

Let me know when you’ve done it!


One more thing!

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