Daily Directive: Aug. 10

A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

“It was throbbing.”

That’s the No. 1 email subject line of all time for opens and engagement.

It’s also the wrong way to get attention.

This week, I’m going to tell you how to do content marketing. Two-Brain Business uses a content marketing strategy to grow. CrossFit Inc. uses a content marketing strategy to grow. Alexander Hamilton used a content marketing strategy to create the U.S. banking system. It’s simple, and you can do it, too.

If you own a business, you own a media company. If you’re not publishing, you’re invisible.

Daily Lesson

The best “marketing” is a good conversation. Content marketing is simply a conversation between the creator and the reader or watcher. It’s not a monologue; most of the emails I send you are prompted by questions you ask me.

That’s why I call them “love letters” instead of “sales letters” or “nurture campaigns.” I actually care that you read them and profit from doing so.

Daily Directive

Think of the last “dumb” question someone asked you about fitness.

If none spring to mind, visit popular fitness sites like Menshealth.com or Shape.com. Read the titles of their articles. Copy one title and write your own blog post on the topic. Or write the counterpoint. Or film yourself talking about the topic and post it on YouTube.

Need some inspiration? Check out these topics: Shape.com Exercise Tips.

Weekly Schedule for Two-Brain Clients

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Mike Michalowicz—The Path to Reinvention—How to use his book “Fix This Next” to prioritize and rebuild your business: 2 p.m. today.

Sales Tactics With Jeff Burlingame: 11 a.m. today

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Digital Marketing With Colm O’Reilly: 11 a.m. Wednesday

Personal Training and Online Coaching With Rob Connors: 11 a.m. Thursday

Nutrition Business with Lindsey VanSchoyck: 11 a.m. Friday


One more thing!

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