Daily Brief: June 18

Daily Update


While some gyms reopen to a waiting list, others are surprised by cancellations. Some non-Two-Brain gyms report clients asking for refunds on memberships charged during the covid lockdown.

The crisis isn’t over. Many people haven’t returned to work yet. The Economist reports that consumers are saving, not spending. Read: “The Pandemic Is Pushing Households to Conserve Their Cash.”

This is the best time to have one-on-one conversations with your clients. Book Goal Review Sessions and ask for “whys” (use the “motivational interviewing” technique below). Members who are trying to save money will cut the things they don’t value first. That doesn’t have to mean fitness—but it might.

The key to keeping clients? It’s not an argument. People are passing on logical decisions right now for emotional ones. You must tell them a story about health instead of trying to compare their gym membership to the price of a cup of coffee.

If your mom or dad said they were quitting a gym, what would you tell them?

Now tell us.


Daily Lesson


Read: “Recessions and the Microgym: Why You Don’t Have to Worry”

Read: “The New Client Journey: Motivational Interviewing”


Daily Directive


Value is a story we tell ourselves.

Perform this exercise: “If I had to charge double what I currently do, what service can I provide that would be worth that price?”

Don’t worry about whether people will pay it (they will).

Don’t worry about whether you could pay it yourself (you are not your ideal client, in most cases—at least not yet).

Don’t worry about your demographics or your average current client.

Think about the service you’re capable of delivering that’s worth twice your current rate.

What is that service?


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One more thing!

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