Daily Brief: June 17

Daily Update


Don’t look at the blue ocean of potential clients. Instead, find the small ponds. These are your “niches,” and you can own them.

Too often, we get questions like this about Facebook ads and targeting:

“Should I set my target to be females aged 25-45 within 20 miles?”

The answer is simple—“no”—but the question proves that most gym owners aren’t marketing correctly. You must know exactly who you’re trying to attract, and why. Don’t think “women aged 25-45.” Instead, ask this: “How can I get Jill to come and exercise with us?”

Going deep into a group of specialists—instead of going broad and trying to appeal to everyone—is more valuable, especially online. The key? “Stay close to their pain.”

If you’re an insider, then you already have everything you need. Seth Godin—who’s speaking at the 2020 Two-Brain Summit—says it best: “People like us do things like this.”

Daily Lesson

There are six correct ways to build a niche audience (and three wrong ways, too): “How to Build a Niche Audience.”

And there are some markets you can dominate: “Unexplored Niches.”

Daily Directive

Look at your best clients. What do they do when they’re not at the gym?

Where do they work? What are their hobbies?

What are their kinks? (As in, what are the things they “nerd out” on? How can fitness help with their butterfly-catching passion—and who else needs help catching more butterflies?)

This is a great thought exercise, but it’s also a powerful opportunity. Think narrower and go deeper instead of trying to appeal to everyone.

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One more thing!

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