Coronavirus Response: May 8

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Daily Update


Everyone wants to live like an entrepreneur for a day. No one wants to live like an entrepreneur for a decade.

And this last month has felt like 10 years.

The covid crisis has compressed time: You’re doing all the hard things you’d have to face over the next three years within two months. The hard part isn’t really making the changes or losing the money; the hard part is really that you don’t see the end.

So here’s a glimpse of the end: Today, my wife and I are giving 50 bikes to local kids. (I’ll post a picture on my Facebook page.) That’s not a humble brag (I try to keep this stuff anonymous). It’s a picture of your future. Without hardship a decade ago, I would definitely not be here today. No chance.

Like a bullet shot from a gun, the pressure you face now will propel you forward faster than ever. The little secret? Tell yourself, “The hardship I’m going through now will save someone else the same hardship someday.” That’s why I started writing back in 2009. I poured my emotion into that blog for hundreds of days. It saved me.

In our mentorship program, entrepreneurs ascend from Founder Phase to Farmer Phase to Tinker Phase. In the words of senior Two-Brain Mentor Oskar Johed: “The Tinker Class of 2021 is being built today.”


Today’s Tactic


Deliver your reopening plan to your members. Use text or video or a blog post or a live call. Tell them everything you can. Highlight your plans for safety and cleanliness. Give them a light at the end of the tunnel. Not sure what to say? Use the CALM model described in “How to Lead in a Crisis.”




Gold’s gym files for bankruptcy protection:

Why I’m sharing this: Gold’s sells access. You sell coaching—you always have. Thousands of clients will be looking for a coach soon.


Key Resources


Two-Brain Radio: “Your Gym 2.0: The Exact Steps to Making It Better Than It Was Before COVID-19”


Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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