Coronavirus Response: May 5

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Daily Update

It’s never been clearer: You sell coaching, not access to space and equipment.

Coaches with strong 1:1 relationships made an easier transition to online coaching and have retained more clients in the current crisis.

There’s never been a better time to reshape your service. How will you set yourself up for the next stage? What will you add? What will you cut?

Today’s Tactic

Imagine your business has four cornerstone services: personal training, group coaching, nutrition coaching and online coaching. Each delivers different value and thus requires a different skill set.

Pull out your client list and look at your first client. Disregarding financial considerations, which services would help that person most? Write the first letter of each applicable service beside the client’s name—P, G, N and O. Almost every client will need at least two services, depending on goals.

Tip: The client’s goal is not “to work out.” If you’re not sure of the actual goal, use your remaining downtime to perform virtual Goal Review Sessions with your clients.

When you’ve gone through your whole list, identify the new packages your gym should sell.

Key Resources

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One more thing!

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