Coronavirus Response: May 21

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Daily Update


As more gyms reopen, hope blossoms. Several gym owners report:

– Classes at max allowable capacity.

– The return of clients who cancelled during the shutdown.

– The return of clients who cancelled months (even years!) ago.

– Members paying for personal training if that’s the only coaching available.

– Some members sticking with online coaching (for now). Online coaching retention seems to be holding steady after a small dip in April. reports that consumer optimism is up, and “spending on other categories such as … fitness and wellness … is slowly picking up in regions that are emerging from the crisis.”

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic!


Today’s Tactic


This week, Chris Cooper is going to give you daily writing prompts. Use them to create content.

You can write a blog post or film a video. Then share the link on your amplifiers (social media). Remember: Your number one goal on social media is to get people off social media and onto your website.

Two-Brain clients: Download your step-by-step social media playbook from the Growth ToolKit: Audience Building, Milestone 2.

Today’s Prompt—“I’m too old to join a gym!”




Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reopens gyms; neighboring Broward County doesn’t:


Key Resources


Your Gym 2.0 Part 3: Be Expensive or Be Free—Podcast or Webinar.


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One more thing!

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