Coronavirus Response: May 19

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Daily Update


As more gyms reopen, concerns about client safety and lawsuits are on the rise. We asked our friends at AGuard, “Are gyms covered?” and “Do they need new waivers?” The responses are below.

Do I need an additional waiver or need to make changes to my current waiver for covid-19?

No, insurance carriers are advising that no additional waiver or wording is needed specific to covid-19. If you feel having additional wording would bring peace of mind, you are welcome to use this resource or join GreenLightCheck to have an attorney look over your current waiver. But, as previously stated, insurance carriers are not requiring additional wording or waivers be added specific to covid-19. As always, we recommend having legal counsel approve waivers prior to use.

What precautions should I be taking as I open up my gym?

Insurance carriers are advising all city/state/county guidelines be followed as you open up your gym. … It would be helpful to document the things you are doing to keep your gym a safe and healthy environment.

Do I have coverage if someone contracts covid-19 at my gym?

In most cases, no. Most insurance policies have a communicable disease exclusion. If your policy does include communicable disease, it only provides liability coverage to your athletes. An athlete would have to sue and prove that they contracted the illness from your gym. This would be extremely hard to do in the event of a pandemic. It’s also unlikely that a judge could pin your gym as the source. Communicable disease coverage is designed to cover contained diseases such as MRSA or staph, not pandemics, in which everyone could be a carrier.


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This week, Chris Cooper is going to give you daily writing prompts. Use them to create content.

You can write a blog post or film a video. Then share the link on your amplifiers (social media). Remember: Your number one goal on social media is to get people off social media and onto your website.

Two-Brain clients: Download your step-by-step social media playbook from the Growth ToolKit: Audience Building, Milestone 2.

Today’s Prompt—“Will your program get me ready for beach season?”


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