Coronavirus Response: May 1

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Daily Update

Economic challenges are forcing many governments to reopen businesses and public places. And many gym owners are facing similarly hard choices because they need to make money. Some are reopening in secret.
We urge you not to break the law to open your business. As an entrepreneur, you can always start over. It might take time to recover from the loss of a business, but it won’t be fatal. However, an infected client will change everything for everyone forever.

Today’s Tactic

Whether you’re ready or reluctant to open, the key is communication. Tell your clients why you made your choice. Tell your team why you’re opening, why you’re waiting or why they have to wear face masks.
Hold a town hall meeting this weekend for your clients. Follow the CALM model (see Key Resources below). Tell them exactly what your plan is.

News “What States Are Opening Up, and When?”

Key Resources

“How to Lead in a Crisis”:   Blog   Podcast

Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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