Coronavirus Response: March 30

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Daily Update

Top online trainer Brad Overstreet said coaches are “relationship specialists” now, and habits-based coaching actually trumps workouts.
Top quote: “Online coaching is very different from CrossFit, where you just have a workout on the board. Instead it’s, ‘I’m fired up to see you today. What are you thinking? You need to sweat really hard or just zone out today?’ You start asking them what they need, and they’ll build their own program for that day. When you’re done, you give them what they described and they feel like a rock star.”

Today’s Tactic

With April 1 approaching, it’s time to make a full-court press to strengthen relationships. Make sure your clients know they’ll be charged as normal on the first. Ask a question: “Are you happy with how we’re delivering your service while you shelter at home?” Then ask, “Is your current package of (X-Y-Z) meeting your needs or would you prefer something different?” While many gym owners are scared to ask, it’s better to be in front of the problem so you can offer a pivot rather than accept a cancellation. Refund requests and chargebacks will hurt you in the long term, and you might sleep better after you hear a few confirmations.


Australia’s JobKeeper Payment program provides AU$1,500 biweekly per employee for up to six months.
Also in Australia, businesses in Victoria can apply for funds to cover rent and other expenses: Click here.

Key Resources

Two-Brain Radio: “Facebook Ads and the COVID Crisis: Early Advice and Observations”

The Two-Brain Business COVID resources page is updated regularly with new info.

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One more thing!

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