Coronavirus Response: March 26

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Daily Update

Yesterday, Two-Brain Business released our comprehensive Online Coaching Course. It’s free for our Incubator and Growth clients. We’ll continue to publish free content for gyms that aren’t working with Two-Brain yet.

Today’s Tactic

Save a copy of your email to clients to notify them of a switch in service due to the coronavirus crisis. Keep screenshots that show clients are engaging with your new online programming.


Payment processors Ezidebit and Debit Success shut down payments to gyms in New Zealand and Australia without warning yesterday. Ezidebit required gyms to fill out a form to show they had pivoted to online training, and funds began flowing again in about 24 hours.
Stripe, another processor, reclassified fitness businesses as “high risk,” triggering fears that gym owners will have to wait 14 days to receive money. Some gym-management platforms could get caught in the middle.
Chris Cooper has been in touch with most of the major payment processors since yesterday. None outside Stripe said they have plans to withhold payments to gyms.

Key Resources

Article: “Coronavirus: How to Keep Clients Engaged Online” by Chris Cooper
Podcast: “March 20 Coronavirus Town Hall for Gym Owners No. 3 With Chris Cooper”
The new Two-Brain Business COVID resources page is live. It includes links to loan info, a free guide, helpful articles and more. It will be updated regularly with new info and resources.

Click here to visit and bookmark the Two-Brain COVID resources page.



One more thing!

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