Coronavirus Response: March 25

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With New Zealand in a state of emergency and the country in lockdown, payment processors Ezidebit and Debit Success suspended direct debits by gyms. To have the Ezidebit service turned back on, gym owners must email the provider and fill out the supplied form. They must prove they are not operating from a physical location, and documentation—including communications with members—is required. One Two-Brain Gym filled out the form, supplied documentation and had money flowing again within 24 hours.
Gym owners in New Zealand should contact their providers immediately to fill out the form and document their current online operations. Gym owners elsewhere should contact their payment processors now and document online operations to prevent cash-flow issues if other providers plan to follow suit.

Daily Update

While CrossFit group attendance drops, “bootcamp” class attendance remains strong online. So does attendance in kids classes. Consider the coaching style of the coaches on your bench: Who can hold an audience’s attention? Who was made for the stage? Put these people in front of the camera more.

Today’s Tactic

Plan a challenge to keep your members engaged in April. It can be an eating challenge, a habits challenge or a workout challenge. Encourage registration before April 1.


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Key Resources

Apply now for SBA loans in all states: Click here.
Two-Brain Business: “How to Pay Your Staff During the COVID-19 Crisis”
The new Two-Brain Business COVID resources page is live. It includes links to loan info, a free guide, helpful articles and a recording of the March 20 Town Hall for Gym Owners with Chris Cooper. It will be updated regularly with new info and resources.

Click here to visit and bookmark the Two-Brain COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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