Coronavirus Response: March 24

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Daily Update

The first Two-Brain gym in China has reopened! We’ll have their data and processes to share in the private Two-Brain Business Facebook group in the next few days.

Today’s Tactic

If you’re still running online video classes, keep a close eye on attendance. Our data shows that class attendance begins to drop between the third and fifth days of delivery. You must have a 1:1 online platform set up and ready to go. When a client misses a class, pivot him or her to 1:1 customization fast.
You can still keep running one or two daily video sessions. Your members are getting lonely for each other. You can still run a live class demo once or twice per day, but you can also run a daily cooking show, a morning coffee break or an evening social.


IHRSA implores Congress to include the fitness industry in stimulus package: Click here.

Key Resources

The new Two-Brain Business COVID resources page is live. It includes links to loan info, a free guide, helpful articles and a recording of the March 20 Town Hall for Gym Owners with Chris Cooper. It will be updated regularly with new info and resources.

Click here to visit and bookmark the Two-Brain COVID resources page.

From John Briggs at Incite Tax: “How to Manage Your Cash in Emergencies.”


One more thing!

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