Coronavirus Response: March 23

A purple and pink graphic image of the coronavirus with the words "daily brief."

Daily Update

New Zealand to close gyms and other non-essential businesses for a minimum of four weeks; Australia begins to follow suit. Two-Brain gyms continue to see a conversion rate of over 90 percent to online coaching.

Today’s Tactic

Help your clients get on a daily schedule. Give them a sample template. This will help them make time to exercise, meditate, prepare food and sleep better. Consider running a group cooking class instead of video workouts.


Wall Street Journal: “With Business Turned Upside Down, CEOs Face Monumental Leadership Challenge”
Canada pulls out of Olympics: “Team Canada Will Not Send Athletes to Games in Summer 2020 Due to COVID-19 Risks”

Key Resources

How to use MyFitnessPal to coach your clients on nutrition (for free): Click here.
“What to Cut in a Crisis,” by Chris Cooper: Click here.


One more thing!

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