Daily Update


Gym owners need to take care of themselves for the long haul. Symptoms of burnout are starting to emerge. Watch: Chris’s video on “eating the sandwich” from last year’s Two-Brain Summit.

Today’s Tactic


Contact every member who’s cancelled in the last year. Ask them all how they’re doing. Really listen. Your goal isn’t to sell anything, just to be a leader. They might not be paying you money anymore, but they’re still paying attention.




Some gyms are already setting up Facebook advertising campaigns for online training (we’ll have a course and a free webinar on the topic next week). Cost per mille (CPM, also called cost per thousand impressions) hasn’t been this low since 2015. The key: What you’re selling has changed. Ads about “coronavirus” will be banned. Read more about Facebook’s policy updates: Click here.


Key Resources


Today’s sample Whiteboard Brief from Josh Martin of Two-Brain Coaching: Click here.

Read: “Online training: Customization Vs. Personalization.”