Coronavirus Response: April 30

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Daily Update

As our scientists and researchers learn more about covid-19, they’re discovering that poor metabolic health has made far too many people vulnerable to the disease.
“Clearly, when this pandemic subsides, a lot more attention to the American diet will be needed to ward off future medical, economic and social calamities from whatever pathogen next comes down the pike,” Jane E. Brody wrote in The New York Times.
Could this be the wakeup call people need to improve their health?
Read “How Poor Diet Contributes to Coronavirus Risk.”

Today’s Tactic

Build out your new pricing models. Include pricing for nutrition coaching, personal training, group training and online coaching. With what you’ve learned through online delivery, does an “unlimited” option exist anymore? What do your clients actually need most from you?

Key Resources

From our friends at NutritionRx: “Coronavirus: What a Dietitian Knows That Others Don’t”
This great page includes:

– A YouTube presentation.

– A top 10 tips summary.

– Downloadable healthy eating tools (Veggie and Fruit Rainbow Challenge, Whole Food Nutrition Guide).

– An International Society for Immunonutrition Position Statement on Nutrition, Immunity and COVID-19.


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