Coronavirus Response: April 3

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Daily Update

Government bailouts are helpful, but they won’t be enough to sustain your business for three months. More than ever, it’s up to us to take control of our businesses and help our communities recover.
Whether you love coaching online or hate it, it is your path forward for the next 90 days. The skill set required to deliver online coaching isn’t quite the same as that required to coach an in-person group. But the digital one-on-one conversations you have now should make you a better coach long term.

Today’s Tactic

Build your online business the way you build an offline business:

– Start with the people closest to you: Determine what they need most right now.

– Offer to help them.

– Extend the offer to their friends.

– Tell the stories of your earliest clients’ successes.

– Extend the offer of help to your entire audience.

It sounds simple, but this is the marketing strategy that keeps gyms growing. The actual tactics involved can vary. Choose the ones that work for you—but don’t lose sight of the process, and don’t skip steps.


CrossFit’s Support Your Local Box online event starts today! Sign up here.

Key Resources

Chris Cooper: “What if You Hate Online Coaching?”
Chris Cooper: “What if You Love Online Coaching?”
The Two-Brain Business COVID resources page is updated regularly with new info.

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One more thing!

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