Coronavirus Response: April 28

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Daily Update

As more governments roll out their plans to reopen, it’s becoming clear that a full return to “normal” will take months—if it ever comes. This isn’t pessimism or sensationalism; leaders must face the hard truth of their situation even while remaining optimistic about the future.
Luckily, there’s hope: The pivot to online coaching has been successful for almost every coaching business, growth has already begun for many, and some are even asking the question, “What if I don’t want to go back at all?”

Today’s Tactic

Role-play 10 online No Sweat Intros. Practice the Prescriptive Model: Ask potential clients for their goals, tell them what they need to reach them, then ask if they’d prefer to be coached in a small group or 1:1 with you—in person or online.


Premier Doug Ford says that Ontario’s plan is “a Growth ToolKit, not a calendar” and that large gatherings will be restricted for the “foreseeable future.”

Key Resources

Blog by Chris Cooper: “How to Move Entirely Online: The 11-Step Process to Shift Your Business Forever”
Video: Watch Chris’s Zoom presentation of “How to Move Entirely Online”

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One more thing!

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