Coronavirus Response: April 24

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Daily Update

The covid-19 crisis is already making everyone better at owning gyms.
We’re asking our clients “what do you want?” and then giving it to them. We’re customizing workouts for clients in group classes. We’re balancing our care and the financial realities of running a gym business better than ever. We’re finding new clients where they are.

News “EU Countries Take First Cautious Steps out of Coronavirus Lockdown”

Today’s Tactic

Millions of first-time exercisers are out there. Locked in their homes all day, they’re pursuing fitness and nutrition programs online. This is an enormous opportunity. How will you bridge the gap when your gym reopens?
To find new clients, you must go where they are. Right now, they’re all online. What platforms do they use? How can you lead them from that starting point to your coaching practice?
In one tiny example, some gyms have launched running groups on Strava. Meanwhile, many first-time runners are using Strava, too.
Read this article: “My New Favorite Social Network Is a Running App”
What else are people doing, and can you meet them where they’re doing it?

Key Resources

Chris Cooper: “The Antifragile Fitness Business”

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One more thing!

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