Coronavirus Response: April 20

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Daily Update

The true measure of leadership in your gym won’t be how you manage the closure of your facility but the reopening. You’ll have to balance the cares and concerns of your clients against the fiscal realities. It’s the same thing politicians are wrestling with, but you’ll do it on a micro scale, and the pressure will be immediate. The best strategy is to outline your plan far in advance to your staff and clients.
Need an outline? Here’s one: “How to Reopen Your Gym”

Today’s Tactic

Tell your team and your clients your plan to reopen. You don’t have to share a specific timeline; it’s more important to show them that you’re thinking about it (and keep them thinking about it).

News “Gyms Are Eager to Reopen, But Are They Safe?”

Key Resources

Two-Brain Radio: “The Guy Who Already Moved His Fitness Business Online Forever”

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One more thing!

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