Coronavirus Response: April 17

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Daily Update

The White House has delivered its first tangible plan for reopening non-essential businesses. As we reported yesterday, the recovery for gyms will be a gradual process rather than a “grand reopening” with no restrictions. The general strategy will probably be a progression like this:

Online training.

The Flex model (online and in-person workouts).

Outdoor workouts in public spaces.

Small groups.

Business as it was before.

Expect backtracking along this model, too.
Here’s what you can do to prepare: “How to Reopen Your Gym.”


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These guidelines will be further filtered by state and then local governments. Each level of government could slow the process.

Today’s Tactic

Update your client success manager role to include more touch points for online clients.

Key Resources

“A Tale of Two Texts” by Chris Cooper: Click here.

Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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