Coronavirus Response: April 10

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Daily Update

You can predict retention by measuring adherence. While a small number of gyms (less than 10 percent) are still keeping a high number of clients engaged in Zoom classes, that number might not compare to their regular in-person traffic. Right now, retention is more important than anything else, so you must know what online class attendance means and how it relates to retention. Read “Adherence and Retention Online.”

Today’s Tactic

Measure attendance in your online classes. Is it higher or lower than it is in your regular in-person classes? Who’s missing? Call them and then change your delivery to help them.

News “After Rejecting a Coronavirus Lockdown, Sweden Sees Rise in Deaths”
Most gyms in Sweden are still open. What does this news mean for their future?

Key Resources

The best marketing strategies don’t change when technology changes. Use Seed Client interviews, Affinity Marketing and goal reviews to start growing your online coaching business. If you’re not a Two-Brain member, access our huge collection of free tools to learn how to do this. Along with a dozen other resources, you’ll receive access to:

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