The Coffee Is for Closers Challenge

A steaming cup of coffee sits next to a pile of coffee beans.

On Jan. 1, I gave gym owners in our Growth program a challenge:

Sign up 10 new clients as fast as possible.

The new clients could come from anywhere: ads, Affinity Marketing referrals or recruitment events. They could even be former clients. I gave everyone some tools to get started and a deck of role-playing cards, then I turned them loose!

Within nine days, 10 gyms had signed up 10 new clients. Here’s the leaderboard:

A top 10 leaderboard graphic showing how fast gym owners closed 10 leads—from 2 to 10 days.

The clients these gyms acquired:

1. Weren’t doing “free trials.”
2. Were each signing up for a higher-ticket program.
3. Were about to change their lives with an amazing coach.

Here are some of the first 10 gym owners to finish the challenge and win some Kick-Ass Coffee (my personal favorite). I asked for their advice to help you improve the way you sign up better clients:

Joanne Cogle—Listen more than speak so you’re able to prescribe the best formula of help. Don’t try and sell it all at once, either. Formulate a manageable plan that is easy for them to wrap their heads around. For us, that’s either personal training/on-ramps or classes for a month, then add-on nutrition/hybrid memberships.

Stephen Mulligan—I make sure to pre-qualify all leads by asking three questions when they book: 1. Is now a good time for you to prioritize your goals? 2. If we are a great fit, can you invest in your health and fitness? 3. Will you respect my time and show up for this free call? I do all coaching calls/No Sweat Intros on Zoom, and my show rate has been really good! I also try to “flip the script” early in the call so that they are selling me on why they need a trainer/program. … E.g., “What motivated you get on this call today? So you’re interested in our health and fitness program, is it? What do you need from a program to be successful? What has stopped you from achieving this on your own?”

Kasie Braswell White—(We use) a well-spelled-out No Sweat Intro process. (This is something Two-Brain helped with tremendously.) Myself and one other coach use this process for anyone stopping by. To get leads in, we used Constant Contact to send information about upcoming programming and our nutrition challenge to all current and former members, as well as leads that we had not closed previously. This allowed them to schedule a No Sweat Intro and meet in person. We also heavily rely on our new website and lead generator. When they come in, we listen to them tell us about their goals and guide them to a service that best suits their need.

Carl Neidholdt—In order to best serve my appointment, I always start with helping them clarify the pain they are in and what dreams they have. Then I do my best to provide them the best path to guide them out of pain and into their dreams.

Nick Habich—Ask quality questions, listen to the answers, ask more questions based on those, then smile and tell people exactly what you offer that you think will help them best.

Michael Seewald—I think being confident in the product/service that you are selling is the key to closing deals. And the beauty of our offering is that it works. We solve the challenges people have with their health and fitness through CrossFit. Honestly, if I did not believe that this CrossFit thing worked, it would be much harder to sell and close. Believe in your product and it sells itself.

The Prescriptive Model in Action


  • None offered a discount.
  • None offered a free trial.
  • None had a special holiday deal.
  • All focused on nurturing their leads. Some used software to help.
  • All listened to the client and then made a prescription.

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One more thing!

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