Episode 74 – Coaching Kids with Gretchen Bredemeier


Today’s guest, Gretchen Bredemeier joins us on the show and she is here to talk about coaching kids.  I have been coaching kids since 1996 and I have learned a lot about what it takes to motivate kids. Why do I say motivate kids instead of train kids? Because there are already a lot of programs out there on how to train kids, however the kids must want to be there. The parent has to bring them but if the kid doesn’t like the class they won’t stay and Gretchen is an expert in this area.


Even more so with kids than with adult’s, success is important for motivation. While Gretchen frequently asks kids to create their own games she doesn’t necessarily let them run wild the entire hour. On the other hand, she doesn’t burn herself out by trying to have full control over every second of a Kids class.


Gretchen in this episode talks about how they get more kids, keep more kids, price their programs, and grow their programs. Gretchen’s personality is also a big takeaway for this episode. If you can find someone like Gretchen to embrace interpreneurship and grow their own kids program under your umbrella, this can be a win for both of you. Be sure to take good notes and reach out to Gretchen with any questions you may have at the conclusion of the episode!


In this Interview:


  • What to charge for a  Kids Program?
  • How to teach kids that it is okay to be emotional in front of peers?
  • How to deal with difficult parents when handling progression of young athletes




  • Where can current box owners find a person like Gretchen to start a kids program?
  • Growing a sports team program at your gym
  • What is an appropriate coach to athlete ratio with the kids program?









About Gretchen:



Gretchen has been at Loco for almost four years and coaching since 2015. In addition to coaching regular classes she is the coordinator for the youth programs at Loco and hopes to expand into classes to include the elderly, those in detention centers, and shelters. She is an expert in bodyweight movements and has a background in deaf education and also works as an interpreter.  Originally from Indiana, she currently lives in Leesburg, VA with her husband Brian.






0:57 –  Gretchen Bredemeier Introduction

4:03 – What brought Gretchen to coaching kids and to coaching CrossFit?

5:36 – First start at coaching kids at  Loco

6:53 – What does a well-run  Kids program look like?

8:58 – Implementing an on-ramp program for a kid’s program

10:32 – What to charge for a  Kids program session?

10:52 – How exposing kids to a group environment can create a barrier?

11:53 – Recognizing kids who demonstrate leadership ability through a weekend workout

15:08 – Teaching kids that is okay to be emotional in front of peers

16:52 – How does progression happen within the  Kids program?

18:31 – Dealing with parents who feel their kid needs to be at a higher level

20:03 – When to host  Kids classes that is most convenient to kids and parents?

22:25 – Letting kids be kids and eliminating too many rules

26:20 – Getting kids to take nutrition seriously within the  Kids program

28:42 – What is an appropriate coach to athlete ratio within a  Kids class?

31:37 – Interpreneurship and how much ownership Gretchen has of the  Kids program?      

34:54 – Where can current box owners finds a person like Gretchen to help with  Kids?

36:18 – How to prepare for a  Kids class and psych yourself up

39:19 – What authority does Gretchen have over financial decisions for the kids program?

41:26 – Can kid involvement within  bleed over and encourage parents to be involved?

42:12 – All about the Loco  sports program

46:44 – How did the sports team program start and how big is it now at  Loco?

51:34 – How to grow a sports team program at your  gym

53:04 – How to contact Gretchen




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