Thank you Coaches Congress 2019

At Two Brain we have spoken at HQ, in the US, in Canada, France, Germany and Coaches Congress 2019 really stands out! Very well organised event, a lot of interaction and stories that made us laugh, think, pause, lean in, cry.
“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Coaches Congress
Take action
If we could offer you only one tip for the future,
Take action would be it”
That is the metric you should use to evaluate if the weekend was successful. Below is a short recap of what we were fortunate to talk about.
Chris Cooper started out on Friday by talking about the four phases of entrepreneurship; Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief. Each phase have its challenges and opportunities. Identify at what phase you are and your next action will be obvious. You can take the test at
Josh Price followed by talking about Values, Vision and Mission. They form the foundation of your service. “What does your Perfect day look like?”, “Who has influenced you?”, “What are you doing and what does success look like?” are important questions you have to have clear and concise answers to.
Chris then followed up with a talk about Affinity Marketing. Who are your most important and loved members and how can you serve them better? How can you help them help the people they care the most about? How do you figure that out? Take them for coffee and ask them:

  1. What is your favorite thing about my gym?
  2. What frustrates you most about the fitness industry in general?
  3. What’s your biggest challenge outside the gym?

Karl and I spoke on Saturday morning on how you turn your Digital Marketing into a money printing machine. The 3 secrets are:

  1. Sell the #1 thing that your clients want.
  2. Win new members over your competition with a compelling offer.
  3. 10x your member growth by owning your marketing.

DO NOT focus on Digital Marketing before your service, intake process, retention system and Affinity Marketing is top-notch.
Chris addressed the coaches on how tech will change the fitness industry and how coaches can use that to their advantage in building relationships with the clients.
Sherman Merricks gave inspiring talks about the path to good business is knowing your numbers and how to sell more by helping more. Track your:

  • ARM – Average Revenue per Member.
  • LEG – Length of Engagement
  • Profit

Karl and I spoke about how to reach your Perfect day by creating meaningful careers for your staff. Writing down your Roles and Tasks may not be the most urgent takeaway from Coaches Congress but it is probably the most important.
Josh and Karl finished off the weekend by talking about Retention. Concepts like No Sweat Intro, Bright Spots and Goal Reviews were explained and why they are utterly important in keeping your members for a long time.
What’s next? Take action! Start with one thing. Finish it. Celebrate the success. The success will give you motivation to keep going.
If you don’t know which is the one thing you should start with, please book a free call and a Two Brain mentor will help you.
If you after this weekend understood that mentorship is the right path forward for you, please don’t hesitate! Sign up and join the Two Brain family.
If you have specific questions on any topic presented by a mentor, feel free to reach out!
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Thank you, and keep doing all the right things for all the right people for all the right reasons.


One more thing!

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