By the Numbers: Close Rate Leaderboard

A smiling gym owner greets a prospective client with a handshake before a free consultation.

The best way to sign up a lot of leads is to have really warm leads.

That means people know you, like you and trust you before they come in your door.

But I’ll let the best gyms in the world tell you how they closed so many new clients in No Sweat Intros (NSIs) in October!

First, here are our close-rate leaders:

A leaderboard showing the top gyms for close rate in October 2021—from 17 to 44 sales.

And here’s their best advice:

“We’re now using the iPad for our NSI presentation. And we do a little bit extra: We added a slide with the class timetable. The question we ask is ‘what class works best for you?’ Now the client is looking at the timetable. If they come in with a partner, the partner is helping find which one will work. If they say they can make two classes a week, we know which investment they’re going to buy. The timetable comes in right after we explain how long the program is and show the testimonials. … When they say they can’t make any class times, we share the PT investments.”

“If they say, ‘I have to go home and check with my spouse’, we ask for a $30 down payment to hold their spot.”

“We didn’t have a sales process before starting with Two-Brain—just a ‘free trial.’ Now we use a consultative process and use an on-ramp. Our average revenue per member has gone from $85 to $225 per month.”

“The only thing I still do at the gym is sales because I think it’s the most vital role. I have a lot of previous sales experience, so I think this plays to my advantage.”

“We pretty much follow the guidance of Two-Brain. The main thing I’ve learned and developed since stepping into the client success manager role and taking the No Sweat Intros is to genuinely listen and take note of what people are saying. They will tell you why they want to join and also tell you why not. For example, ‘I’ve wanted to do CrossFit for ages but been too nervous and intimidated.’ In that case, I’d make sure they can see that the space isn’t intimidating and point out how everyone is at different levels. I’ll point out optional scaling that may be in use. We have a very diverse membership, which I think helps add to this as people can see not everyone is the same, but everyone is just here working out, getting fitter and healthier, and having fun whilst they do it. Along with this, follow-ups are important: If people don’t sign up there and then, that’s OK. But I make sure I follow up with them within 48 hours, and usually they will then sign up after being able to process all the information.”

“What I changed in October to affect the close rate was ask more questions. Jeff Burlingame said to ask, ask and ask—just let people talk. I go deeper and deeper. I ask 15 minutes of questions. I don’t try to sell my service, and this is one of the things that’s helped.”

“Instead of asking ‘when do you want to get started,’ I say, ‘We start tomorrow.’ We’ve just talked for 15 minutes about their problems, goals and how I can help, so why should I ask you whether you will start or not? I say, ‘Let’s go to reception and get you signed up,’ and then I stand up. Then the prospect looks at me like, ‘Oh, OK.'”

“If they say they have to go talk to their spouse, I always make sure to mention the availability of the coaches to create some urgency: ‘This week we have time but next week we may not.'”

Today is the start of our 100-Lead Challenge for Two-Brain Gyms!

Some of our testers hit over $15,000 in revenue in their first week. Who’s going to beat that? Stay tuned!


One more thing!

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