Client Spotlight: Janette Dominguez and Enrique Bringas

Gym owners Janette Dominguez and Enrique Bringas pose outside on a grassy field.

Working for other people gave Janette Dominguez and Enrique Bringas the push they needed to do their own thing.

“Janette worked at a yoga studio and I coached at a gym,” Enrique recalled. “We saw a lot of things wrong in the way they provided their service, and we knew we could do better.”

They realized opening their own place—Hapori Koru CrossFit & Yoga—would be the best way to create a client experience based on their beliefs and vision.

“We wanted to be the ones making the decisions, always putting our clients’ best interests first, and making a living doing something we really enjoy.”

Yet despite their drive, they weren’t turning a profit. 

“We struggled every month to keep our doors open,” Janette said. “We wanted to keep members for longer periods of time, and we struggled with that, too. We didn’t have any stability, and we didn’t know how to change our situation.”

They decided to call Two-Brain Business.

The RampUp program sharpened their skills in getting people through the door and selling, and they even made the Two-Brain Business Top 10 Leaderboards for their set and show rates. Their mentor, Ashley Haun, helped them dial in another key metric they really wanted to focus on: retention. 

“Our (length of engagement) has increased since working with Two-Brain,” Janette said.

But the biggest thing that Two-Brain mentorship has provided is the moral support to get through a difficult year.

“It gets lonely being a business owner … especially since COVID-19. People lost jobs, got paid less. … Government restrictions also didn’t help at all,” Janette explained.

“We had a really hard time keeping our doors open,” she continued. “But we got through literally because of Two-Brain Business. Chris Cooper posting all this information and ideas, the community of business owners sharing their struggles during this time, and having a mentor listening and guiding—that’s how our mentor has helped us most.”

Without the constant stress of trying to stay open, Janette and Enrique can focus on the big picture—and their dreams.

“Two-Brain Business has helped us look at our gym as a business to help us achieve the lifestyle we want,” Janette said. “Now, as leaders, I believe that we can guide more effectively our staff and community. The goal is to live our perfect day entirely every day of the week.”

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