Client Spotlight: Adam Robbins

A portrait of business owner Adam Robbins standing in front of his gym.

When Adam Robbins started DNA Fitness, he knew he wanted to use the gym as a force for good in his community.

But he needed help. 

“I dropped out of high school and had no formal education,” he said. “I knew nothing about business—only knew that I wouldn’t quit.” 

Adam realized he couldn’t figure it out alone, so when he discovered Chis Cooper’s blog posts, he knew he was onto something. 

“After reading them for a few months, I saw the value that he gave away for free. I knew that it was exactly what I needed to move forward, and so I jumped on board.”

He continued: “Getting through 2020 was tough—mentally, emotionally, financially. If it wasn’t for Two-Brain, I probably would’ve shut down my business.”

Adam’s mentor, Joleen Bingham, helped him to stay focused. 

“She helps me to see what is most valuable to address, and she’s always holding me accountable. Before, owning a gym was more of a hobby. Now I have a professional attitude: We can be a profitable gym, and we can grow into a company that can provide everything and build a future for not just me and my wife now but for my children and generations to come.”

Adam said Two-Brain has helped him grow as a leader, particularly when it comes to building up his staff. 

“The rising tide raises all ships, and that’s what we are doing. My business model was not initially set up properly to provide $60-$70,000 income for a coach, but thanks to Two-Brain, that has all changed. As we grow, our coaches grow with us and see the opportunity in front of them.”

After getting through 2020 and building momentum, Adam has his sights set on big goals that will have a huge effect on his family.

“My goal is to have a $1 million business by the end of 2023, and I can see that happening a lot sooner now. My wife and I would love to have this business operational without us around and continue to grow as we move out of the busy city of Miami into an area where we can buy land, build a farm, and raise our kids with core values that we believe are important.

“After a year and a half in the program, I’ve now got on board with the Tinker group and am excited to learn more about setting up a legacy for my family and future.”

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