Building A Media Empire

To be a content-creating genius, you don’t really have to be smart.
You need two things:

  1. consistency
  2. editing.

First, you need to ship.
Commit to delivering bad content first. No one is great in their first video. Everyone has typos in their first blog post. But deliver it anyway.
Set a deadline. Tell your fans. Deliver, even if it’s not perfect.
Need a clock? Use to spur your creativity. Shoot for getting all 750 words in a day. Then try to get three days in a row. Then shoot for a week. Don’t try to do a full year.
Block time off in your schedule (yes, pay someone to do a lower-value role, like cleaning or buying paper towels or even coaching.) Make art. Post it. My time for art is at 4am every weekday. Also coffee.
Need a topic? Go to Wal-Mart. Look at the magazines. Write down ten headlines. Think, “I could sure clear up THAT lie!” or “I can’t believe people still think…!” And write the truth.
Second, editing.
These imperfect pieces of fabulous content should have the rough edges knocked off before anyone sees them. If you’re good at editing–or have an editor–it’s easy to produce content, because you’ll fix problems later. 
Video: use iMovie or Corel VideoStudio Pro. Take a lesson online. Just drop your movie into the software, add your logo (if you can) and upload.
Don’t wait until you know how to add your logo.
Take your video with your phone, or a simple digital camera (I use a Canon T5i.) Want to get fancy? You can use a lighting rig and backdrop (eventually)
Need a topic? Teach me how to squat in two minutes or less.
Podcast: use Buzzsprout and link through iTunes and Stitcher. Matt Scanlon has a great instructional on
Record using a Blue Yeti mic (don’t forget the spit guard) and GarageBand or Audacity.
Need a topic? Invite members of your gym to be interviewed. Brag them up. Ask them to tell their story.
I’ve created a LOT of content in my life. Some of it is VERY bad. Don’t wait for perfect. Go for good.
If the best you can do is to interview yourself on your phone and upload it to YouTube, guess what: it’s better than anything your competitors are doing!


One more thing!

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