Bringing People Together: Your Ecosystem

A man smiling with friends at a Crossfit gym - Ecosystem

“If you care about your client, then you have to care about their family. And if you care about their family, then you have to care about their environment.” —Andre Riopel, 2015

This is the approach that I took to build Catalyst over the last five years: Be remarkable for our clients, help their friends and family, and serve our larger community.

I’ll tell you more about that last bit later in this series.

This is the ethos at the core of all the strategies and tactics we publish every day. Affinity Marketing, my book “Help First,” our weekly podcast on sales, our huge curriculum on marketing—everything is based on connection. Your audience is the sum of your connections. The people you touch form your ecosystem.

The CrossFit Ecosystem

Last week, I had a great talk with the incoming CEO of CrossFit Inc., Eric Roza. He said a few things that made me optimistic about the future of CrossFit. But the specific word that gave me the most hope was “ecosystem.”

Paraphrasing Eric: “We need to keep the whole ecosystem healthy.”

You might have noticed that CrossFit is back on Facebook. And it’s been sharing a lot of Two-Brain content because, for the first time, I think someone at HQ realizes that affiliates aren’t just a revenue stream but a critical link in the chain to improve the world’s health. If affiliates are thriving, we save more people. Period.

In this series, I’ll continue my mission to help gym owners of every creed thrive. Whether you’re a CrossFit affiliate, a bootcamp gym, a franchise, a HIIT camp in the park, a yoga studio, a personal trainer or a martial arts school, the health of your business depends on the health of your ecosystem. You are the fruit of your environment.

Be the connector. Be the person who brings people together. Be the hub, the source, the link. Read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg (or listen to my conversation with the author here).

You grow a business by bringing people together. Our mantra at Two-Brain is this: “First with the head, then with the heart, then with the hands.”

It means “think with clarity, act with passion and invite others to join you.”

In this series, I’ll tell you exactly how I invite others to join me.

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One more thing!

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