Episode 82 – Boot Camps

In the CrossFit world, Boot Camps can often have a bad name. However, today we are here to discuss how these can supplement your CrossFit gym and provide a non-threatening environment for new members to get their first start in the CrossFit world. Learn about how to setup a Boot Camp, what to price it at and much more!

Ryan Webber from CrossFit Eternal and Sherman Merricks from CrossFit Dynasty join me to discuss this topic on the show today.


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In this Interview:

  • Is Boot Camp just CrossFit Lite?
  • What is the true difference between a Boot Camp and a full on CrossFit Program
  • The secret to using Facebook ads effectively to drive sales for your Boot Camp




  • How to make sure CrossFit coaches are on board with a Boot Camp Program.
  • How to pick the right name and differentiate a Boot Camp from true CrossFit
  • How many sales can a Boot Camp generate?



Today’s Guests:



Ryan Webber is originally from Maine but now resides in Charlotte, NC where he runs and owns CrossFit Eternal.  He began CrossFit after playing football in college and fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport. He founded CrossFit Eternal in 2010 out of his garage and has since grown it into a world class CrossFit gym.



Sherman is the founder and owner of both Dynamic CrossFit, in Gainsville, Florida, and Notable Guidance. He discovered his passion for sports growing up in Florida and excelled at basketball through high school and college. After graduating and feeling a huge competitive void, he realized CrossFit could fit the bill and he has never looked back. He has a passion for helping others be their best by improving their fitness and now their life. Sherman’s main focus is to help people reach their goals and still have fun doing it.














2:11 – Bootcamp Introduction

4:30 – Is CrossFit the end all be all? Thinking about offering something different.

6:16 – Is Boot Camp just CrossFit Light?

8:19 – What is in a name? Differentiating a Boot Camp from CrossFit

9:14 – Can you transfer clients from Boot Camp into a full on CrossFit program

11:06 – The difference between CrossFit and Boot Camp programming

16:54 – Finding the right coach for Boot Camp and how they differ from a CrossFit coach.

20:44 – Offering Boot Camps as recurring classes instead of a one off challenge.

24:03 – How often and what schedule should a Boot Camp like class be run.

27:10 – What should a Boot Camp type program be priced at?

31:41 – How many sales can you expect within a Boot Camp program?

38:36 – What it takes on the backend in order to drive sales

41:53 – The secret to using Facebook ads effectively to drive sales for your Boot Camp

44:42 – The specific phrasing your Facebook ads need to have to be effective

46:01 – How to make sure your CrossFit coaches believe in the Boot Camp program as well

48:17 – How do you deal with weather issues when running a Boot Camp outside?

51:55 – Allowing members to perform an express version of CrossFit


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